I made this up a few years ago for a militaria display. It got a lot of attention due to the unique way it shows the contents of a Paratrooper First Aid Kit. The outer material is heavy, clear vinyl from the transparent strorage case for a comforter my wife bought. I cut out the pouch pieces, including the tie straps from this material. I ironed three sides of the pouch together, on a low heat setting. I then sewed the straps on the sides. Lastly, I inserted the contents and ironed the pouch closed. The words FIRST AID on the pouch was printed on clear, transparency material, cut out and ironed onto the pouch before filling. The syrette box is a repop. along with the instructions, but the rest are original pieces. I hope you find this interesting.

Parachutist First Aid Kit that you can see inside.Parachutist First Aid Kit that you can see inside.