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Pattern 37 Indian made large pack

Article about: Hello mates.I am thinking of buying this nice pattern 37 British/Indian made large pack,but i'm not sure if it is original.Any opinions?Many thanks (the link is below)Un-issued WW2 Indian Ma

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    Quote by Nitram View Post
    This is not true. Just check eBay, it's there by the truckload. zib militaria has a good supply too. British Uniforms / Field Gear / Decals -


    You need to be very careful where eBay is concerned as a lot of the 37ptn W/E on there is actually POST WAR dated. What you need to remember, and take into account, is that 37ptn W/E was still being issued up until the late 1960's, (some pieces still are on issue!)

    SabreSales or Silvermans are arguably the best places to look for W/E , although Silvermans stock seems to be very low over the last couple of years.

    Original, WWII dated 37ptn W/E is still available at sensible prices, mainly because of the sheer amount made. 1944ptn W/E on the other hand is a whole different ball game, 1944/45 dated 1944ptn W/E is getting to extortionate prices!

    @Martin: A lot of the stuff that zib has IS repro, it clearly says it in it's blurb, also, any alledged British army W/E that doesn't have a manufacturers mark, WD/MoD arrow, date stamp, or for 44/58ptn W/E a Stock/Batch/NSN number stamped on it should automatically set alarm bells ringing.

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Quote by jimpy View Post
    A lot of the stuff that zib has IS repro, it clearly says it in it's blurb
    Since the question was about webbing, I was referring to the webbing ZIB has for sale, not uniforms, which are clearly reproductions (and marked as such). Most of the webbing is original (aside from the stuff which is marked as repro, however as I mentioned, and you did yourself that should be pretty obvious).


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    Your info guys is very interesting.I finaly found a mint british made for less than that

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    Here as of late, I've been having a growing interest in Indian made kit. So far I have two Bayonet Frogs for the No.4 Bayonet, two Water Bottle Carriers, a set of Basic Pouches and a couple sets of Supporting Straps (the straps on the back of the Pattern-1937 Large Pack). Also have several Indian made/converted bayonets as well.

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