Here's some background; I picked these up at a yard-sale back in the late 80's for 20 bucks. They have been sitting in my safe ever since and I haven't touched them in 10+ years. After deciding to pull everything out and rearrange, I came across them and thought I would do a little research on them.

I've learned the Nambu pistol was made in Feb 1944 at the Kokubunji Plant and only around 1800 pistols were made there. The grips aren't original, but I've been told they were very fragile and were often replaced by the solders with anything they could get their hands on and it was suggested these may be scrap from a downed airplane. Who knows, should I try and find replacements for them? I'm not a huge collector, I just like guns (that are shoot-able).

Second item is the 1943 Boyt M3 holster that it came in, (the odd combination), its all original and in my opinion, pretty good shape. The thing that caught my eye about the whole deal was the carvings on the back of the holster. It belonged to a Capt. Almuete and has Leidenberg carved into it. Does this add value to a collector? Is it traceable? I bet the descendants would love this. But again, is it worth it?

Here are the pics:

Any advise would be great!