Wow this is so awesome to see... i heard my grandfather talk about these things (we call them pannetjes in dutch) the got in the pow camps all the time... i can translate for you cause im dutch and i understand what is says... o wait i see some one already did that for you... Still this is awesome to see and you are verry lucky to have one of those... my grandfather also used to tell me that in camp futase 10 (now its called 7b i guess) they put food in tin pots and the prisoners would take one and hope there was something good in it... if you where last you probably didn't have any vegetables or sometimes nothing... you cant believe what pows can do with the time they have, my grandfather made a foto frame from one of those tin things, i really dont know ho to call them in english.. haha.. and he also carved beautifull things in it... simular to these foto's.. and put a picture of my grandmother in it... if i where you i would hold on to that for a verry long time..