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question about some bullets

Article about: im not sure if this goes in here or where it goes but i just bought these at a flee market because i thought they looked cool was wondering where they were made and how much there worth

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    Must be an American thing i take it , never seen this amongst British snipers , thanks for the information i had thought it was maybe somehting along the mythical lines of the Stalingrad sniper duel but clearly not !!
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    ya it would be cool if these are those to bad theres no way of knowing there was a documentary made on snipers in the us military and they talk about hogs teeth i also have a round that looks like the others dated 45 on it

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    I thought that the "hogs tooth" was just the Sierra match grade projectile and NOT the whole round...

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    What youthcollector1 mentioned is very true for the members of the SS(Scout Snipers) of the Marine Corps. BUT I'm not so sure these rounds are HOG's Teeth, That is a Surplus Indian 308 round. We have them all over the Gun Markets Here. It looks like it a Key chain trinket or is used as a dummy round to test cycling of a 308 or .45ACP actions.
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    As an American Sniper tradition, it is somewhat difficult to explain why the 2 rounds would be American weapons shells. If that was the case with these 2, I would have thought that they would be foreign make and calibers. More likely, as has been suggested earlier, they were simply drilled and emptied out for cool key chain attachments, is all. I think I have one around the house here myself, now that i think about it...

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    Not really practical to both hump it in the direction of the enemy - especially not at the distance some of the sniper shots have been fired at in recent times.

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    This very friendly bloke with whom I chatted at length at a combat outpost in Afghanistan (and got to fire the rifle pictured) certainly didnt go to look at what he had shot at on the mission in question, but then he is of course a Brit.

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    Sorry, I never viewed the round.

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