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Rifleman equipment

Article about: Hello, I have one easily answered small question, I was wondering if WW2 rifleman carried their just there rifle and grenades and a bayonet? (I am talking about your average enlisted G.I. Jo

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    Default Rifleman equipment


    I have one easily answered small question, I was wondering if WW2 rifleman carried their just there rifle and grenades and a bayonet?
    (I am talking about your average enlisted G.I. Joe rifleman)


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    Not really sure what you mean...?

    If they were going out on patrol or another specific mission that didn't require additional gear, they would only carry the bare minimum. If you watch Band of Brothers or any other quality war movie, you'll often hear officers order: "Weapons and ammo! Drop everything else!"

    The more gear they carried, the slower they'd move and the more noise they'd probably make.

    The trade off is, if they carried only the bare minimum and were caught in a situation where they could not return to a marshaling area/ supply dump... they'd run low of ammo, food, etc. quickly.

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    I guess I need to reword my question, when in combat did WW2 rifleman just get issued a rifle and grenades. And only special jobs got pistols and landmines and explosives.


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    Pistols would have been issued to officers, machine gunners, military police and the like. Landmines would have been placed by engineers, and explosives would have been issued as called for. Some of your rergular infantrymen might have "found" a pistol for thier own use. In the Pacific, the marines would have had people in the invasion force who carried sachel charges for taking out bunkers, for instance. But your average grunt wouldn't have been issued them for every day use.

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    Default Re: Rifleman equipment

    So they just would have been issued a rifle and grenades?


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    Default Re: Rifleman equipment

    Michael, I assume this is for a display or reenacting kit?

    Ask yourself these questions:
    What rank is the soldier you're trying to represent?
    Is your soldier in the African/ European or Pacific Theater?
    What is his mission? Is he taking part in an invasion or the start of a new operation, or has he been on the front line/ in action for a while?
    What is the soldier's job/ what his his primary weapon?

    These questions should help you form a general idea of what a soldier would carry.

    HOWEVER, remember that soldiers were individuals... Even if it was against regulations, soldiers would find ways to obtain and use equipment that they wanted to use. This would include using non-regulation pistols, knives, brass knuckles... all the way to picking up weapons/gear/ camouflage off of wounded/ dead comrades and enemies on the battlefield.

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    I am preparing for a reenactment in the European theater, I was also wondering if grenade pouches were used because I heard the were scarcely issued and some were used very late in the war. I guess you really do have to examine all of the information you just gave me, I never thought of that but it makes more sense.

    Thanks for all the help,

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    Default Re: Rifleman equipment

    No problem, Michael. My pleasure.

    Considering your age, you may be restricted to being a medic in reenactments.

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