This belt was given to me by a friend of an RCAF pilot nicknamed "Rollie" after Rollie passed away.

I was told Rollie's spitfire was shot down somewhere and he was forced to bail out. After landing, he was picked up by french partisans, and fought with them for a time before he returned home to Britain. He didn't have anything to hold up his pants, so he "acquired" it for himself. By the time he had made his way home, his boots has worn all the way through and his feet were in terrible condition. he spent several months recovering before returning to the war.

The man that gave me the belt said it was found in a box in the back of the basement by Roland's wife while she was clearing out some of his things. She also found a hidden P.08 Luger, but was afraid to keep it and handed it over to the police. I don't believe that anyone ever knew that Rollie had kept a Luger until after his death.

Here is his belt: He was a very thin man - those holes you see most predominantly in the last two photos are holes he added himself.