Bear with me, I know this isn't all WW2, but I figured I'd only make one post about it.

My wife was at a flea market the other day and found some really cool stuff. Unfortunately I wasn't with her or I would have bought a lot more, but here are a few of the things she found:

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So this one is a locket her mom got her. As far as we can find, it is a flight medical locket. Hard to date it due to the fact that what we find ranges a LOT.

Then she found me this which is supposed to be from WW2. Not sure if it is, but I love it (I was an Army Medic in Iraq) It's a medic tie clip. : (sorry, picture is too big to post) (back of it)

She also found a nuremberg medal and a "great war" victory medal. I have to take pictures of those, and a bottle of Iodine from WW2.

She also found me a flight log book from Vietname Era. 1968, the plane was a piper, only two entries. It was a female pilot, so not combat, but cool for my flight shelf.