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SRD Rum Ration jar 1945 dated

Article about: Just added this one to my collection. Cheers, Ade.

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    I love these jars. I think I have about 6 of them scattered around the place, including one of the smaller ones which I believe were for officers. I always pick them up if I see them for about £15 or less, however I see far more of the unmarked "ww1" issue jars that dated ones.

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    How does one tell the difference between WW1 and WW2 (besides being dated - obvious)? I have two, 1939 and 40 dated. Would like to get a WW1 one but i'm not sure the differences.

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    I always wanted one of these and thought they were WWI
    Thanks for sharing .

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    Mince find Ade, I've one made in Chesterfield that was dug up on the was Dearer than I wanted to pay, but couldn't say no as its local.....ish. Lol

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    The following description of the jars might be of interest, it is from 53/Gen.No./5503 Handbook of Specifications for Supplies, 1915:

    SRD Rum Ration jar 1945 dated

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    That's a nice example Ade. I bought one last month as well for a L.R.D.G. display I'm putting together. It cost me quite a bit to have it shipped from the UK to the US, but I wanted it.

    Unfortunately mine is unmarked, but I am pretty sure it is the WWII version.

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