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Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces

Article about: I got this lot today for a good price. The other lots linked to it (which I didn't get) related to a Royal Artillery officer. The majority of the webbing is dated 1940. Included is two U.S.

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    I will try and put the webbing together as per instructions over the next few days. Unfortunately there weren't any other straps or ammo pouches. The other lots were dress tunics and what appeared to be a lot of early post war tropical shirts and collars, etc.

    The moccasins are not lined and have the canadian acceptance mark (although it is a bit blurred and difficult to photograph). If you Google 'WW2 Canadian moccasins' you can see an image of a similar pair and also there was a pair for sale through World War Wonders, unfortunately neither link provides any info!

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    Hi Grimebox, the 'cut off socks' are not socks, but hose tops. The idea was you wore your normal socks, then put the hose tops over them to appear above the web anklets of puttees in hot climates when you were wearing shorts. This meant that the short standard issue socks wore out, rather than longer and more expensive socks. (sorry not sure how well I've explained this!)

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    Are the moccasins for use in spark-dangerous areas such as around explosives and gunpowder? They remind me of munitions workers overboots.


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    Karkee, hopefully this is what you were after! I read those instructions about ten times but couldn't get them to sink in. In the end I copied an image from a book. Whilst playing dress up was fun, 75-year-old webbing can be a little bit stubborn (I gave up trying to attach the compass pouch to the binoculars). The holster and ammo pouch is from another set of webbing I have.
    Having tried to see if the holster I got with the set would fit the mannequin (It clearly wouldn't and was 3" - 4" short) it became clear that the way the belt was sewn to the holster it was never meant to be worn as a belt due to the way the holster hangs.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces   Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces  

    Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces   Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces  

    Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces   Super auction buy - RA webbing and bits and pieces  

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    Great looking display Grimebox!!! Thanks for putting it together and taking pictures! It's so cool to see an early war set of webbing with a matching coat of blanco... That strap on the holster is still a mystery!

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