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U.S. - USMC canteen cover & Bakelike gripped mess knife

Article about: Are these both original and good pieces? Just a honest and curious question Also any knowledge you behold on either item please share!

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    Regarding the cover,from 1910-1943 USMC cover flaps never crossed over they went left flap to left stud and so on,two changes took place in 1943 firstly the flaps crossed to opposite studs and about half had the spillage/drainage hole in the bottom,the canteen is a late 1942/early 1943 type first of the M42 Aluminium types,these companies started out in early 1942 making CRS canteens(corrosive resistance steel)or commonly known as Stainless steel,because Aluminium was in short supply needed for Aircraft,by the end of 1942 Aluminium was readily available again so these companies then applied the same methods as before by welding the top and bottom halfs together unfortunately this didn't always work so well and this is why many ended up with this rather crude weld seam,most are like this and the CRS types have neat smooth seams.............

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    The bottom hole of these canteen covers I have heard referred to as grain holes so my guess would be they were used to sift though grain at one point not sure

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    I can't speculate at the exact production amounts of the bakelite handle knives but I'd say I see one for about every 4 m-1926 knives I come across. I have a fondness for them so I hold on to them more often than the regular handles. Someone told me that they were a mostly early war thing. Most of the one's I've seen are 1943 dated but that doesn't mean that what I've heard isn't just a reenactorism. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer.

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