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Unknown valve?

Article about: Does any on have any Idea what this is/goes to?

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    Default Unknown valve?

    Does any on have any Idea what this is/goes to?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unknown valve?  

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    Default Re: Unknown valve?

    this is an american valve from the 20s. i believe they were made by Crane Valve Company.

    their trademark was a swastika. naturally, when the nazis came to power, they had to rethink that.

    these are often found in homes built in that period... pre WWII.
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    Default Re: Unknown valve?

    I dont think it's TR. There was a thread on a fence item and was discovered to be from a scottish farm equiptment compay

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    Default Re: Unknown valve?

    It was a US Company actually. Google "Crane Valve Company". You'll see a ton of these things.
    You're right. Definitely not TR at all.

    Crane was merged with United Valve but not before their use of the swastika as a trademark ended in the 30s.

    The swastika was a pretty popular trademark and decorative design until the nazis got a hold of it.

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    Default Re: Unknown valve?

    Okay, Then the Co. was in USA but the guy who posted the fence item was in scotland .. I see. Thanks!

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    i don't know about fence items... what exactly that was. i haven't seen that thread, but valves with this symbol on them are commonly found in homes built before the war in the US. usually they're gas valves. sometimes water valves etc.
    Crane could have exported things too.
    i don't know if the original poster knows the origin of this valve, but i'll bet it came out of an american residential home built before the 30s.

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    Default Re: Unknown valve?

    Thanks for the quick replies! At least he can use it in his house!

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