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Unusual camo field pack ?

Article about: I was at are local flea market on Sunday and came upon a few pieces I believe this pack and attached Y straps are not western but European possibly Post war German,Austrian, or Finnish but I

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    It was used very much like the tornister pack of the pre war/wartime years. It would contain the soldiers spare kit. Not worn during assualt. Value about $16.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks Ade it will make a nice add on to my collection it is my first piece of East german military equipment gives me a good excuse to branch my collection off into a different direction. My wife cringes when we are out shopping she gets nervous I am shur when I buy so much as a uniform button she thinks I am going to build a hole uniform around it.She is wrong of course that would be silly of me I would need at least three or four buttons from a uniform before I would even think of doing that.

    Regards Mark K

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    Have a look here and you will see what it looked like when worn: oo057 - complete East German NVA Army NCO camoflage uniform and equipment - Soldat rank German, DDR

    Cheers, Torsten.

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