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US dog tags.

Article about: Hi everyone, I've just been asked when the layout of us dogtags was changed and the address and next of kin was taken off. Does anybody know if there was an exact date? Thanks for any help A

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    Quote by cricketchris1944 View Post
    This looks like a grave registration .
    This would have been a station where the bodies would have been sorted before being sent to the US or US military cemetery
    This is an interesting subject !! .. i was always of the opinion that the soldiers dog tags were replaced with the new type when they became available.
    I went thru my tags and matched the names up on ancestry.. Early days yet, but it appears that some of my tags owners had survived the war.
    If this is the case, why were their tags discarded ?


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    Igniting an old thread and hopefully answering a question...

    Dogtags were not always discarded, but often just lost. Outside of the combat zone tags have been found in camp former barracks areas. In combat areas they were removed in hospitals, casualty clearing stations or updated as said earlier. Identity discs are among the most interesting of items to find as they tie the owner in with an event or specific location.

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    I have my Dads pair of tags, dated 1943 with next of kin & address. Also have my uncles pair dated 1944 with no address or next of kin. So many were brought home & kept.
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