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Ww2 British knuckle duster

Article about: Good evening Gentlemen, First post on this forum, i hope some of you could share your opinions on this item, i can find nothing the same on the net thank you , Regards Chay

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    Default Ww2 British knuckle duster

    Good evening Gentlemen,
    First post on this forum, i hope some of you could share your opinions on this item, i can find nothing the same on the net thank you ,
    Regards ChayWw2 British knuckle dusterWw2 British knuckle dusterWw2 British knuckle dusterWw2 British knuckle duster

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    I didnt take this item i thought it was too risky,
    Regards Chay

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    Quote by Upbeek View Post
    I didnt take this item i thought it was too risky,
    Regards Chay
    A wise move perhaps - even as a military collectable I think there would be some explaining to do if these were found in one's possession!!!!
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Ive never seen one stamped with a broadarrow or a date,be interesting to find out a bit more of its history..very nice item

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    Hi Chay,
    welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure about this item. It certainly looks to be ordnance marked but as we know that tends to prove very little. There were quite a few similar items produced in small numbers for special units but they are not often to be found. I know you said you did not acquire this piece but can you show any better images of the markings?

    As for it being risky to have it I suppose it depends on the law local to you. In UK there could be absolutely no lawful excuse for carrying this in a public place. The let out here would be if you had just bought it at a collectors fair / dealers and were carrying it home wrapped etc, that is to say not just in your trouser pocket ready to hand as it were. However, the onus would be on you to show this were so. Not usually a problem if as I say it is wrapped up in a bag and in the boot of your car for instance and in the absence of other relevant circumstances. At home, in a display or collection of similar or related items there should be no issue. If it were jus lying next to your armchair that may well give grounds for further investigation

    As far as the law is concerned an offensive weapon can be defined as anything; made, adapted or intended for an offensive purpose.

    "Made" is easy to explain, this was manufactured with the sole purpose of smashing a persons chops in!

    "Adapted" would be for example a legitimate item, say a soup spoon that has been adapted by sharpening to razor edge and maybe fitting a wooden handle or grip to make it into a kind of blade (you get the idea).

    "Intended" would be a legitimate item say a piece of sports equipment, (cricket or baseball bat are the usual suspects) that a person has taken along specifically to use as a weapon without modifying it. This is the kind of "Oh I just happened to have it with me" explanation used in respect of the wheelbrace in the door pocket of the car etc.

    The definition of the offence includes the principle that;

    A person is guilty of an offence if he (she) has with him in a public place, without lawful authority or reasonable cause, the proof of which lies with him, an offensive weapon.

    I believe that in most western nations the law is fairly similar.

    This doesn't do much to help with your knuckle duster question but I hope it helps with concerns about collectiong this kind of thing.



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    Wow thankyou everybody, these are the only photos i took of the object, i live in the uk so i suppose its ok to own as long as it stays in a collection. But i thought it seemed too good to be true because it has so many stamps but when i looked at the kd it looked the part with dark green paint and general shape,
    I didnt show the side profile where it looked well engineered but with something so rare i got spooked and avoided it maybe it was original, il try and recrop the photos i listed up before that may show more detail,
    Regards Chay

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    Ww2 British knuckle dusterWw2 British knuckle duster

    Here is a close up

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