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ww2 british RAF pistol holster

Article about: Hello mates and best wishes for the year.Just bought this nice 1943 made british pistol holster and i wondered if this is original.What's your opinion??Thanks for the help

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    Pattern 37 webbing is very common-vast amounts made during the war and distributed widely after it-I believe large amounts were used by the Royal Hellenic armed forces during and after the war-not usually 'faked' although some repro is now used by re enactors. Pistols were not much used by the infantry except by officers and even then carrying one could attract unwelcome attention from enemy snipers.

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    Yes, you are right in my country you can find many british equipment in the flea markets

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    A.M. is Air Ministry and tends to be found on blue grey webbing intended for the RAF. I think your holster is an original RAF holster that just lacks the stamp.

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    i dont know my friend douglas...jimpy says that is an original item but not a RAF item

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    Yes, I seem to have missed some of the thread somehow. Clearly which colour the webbing is makes all the difference, it certainly appears to be RAF coloured in that first picture.

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    Quote by jimpy View Post
    Hi guys.

    Woodpecker, you've got a very nice 1943 dated 37ptn revolver holster, manufactured by the Mills Equipment Co, (identified by the MECo stamp) I would say that this is a "standard issue" 37ptn revolver holster, as opposed to a RAF specific. From the photo's it appears to be woven in the normal pale khaki/sandy brown cotton with no obvious signs of being either woven in RAF blue-grey or having been blancoed this colour.

    Andy, yours is an equally nice 1941 dated holster, manufactured by Martin Wright and sons, (identified by the MW&S stamp on the flap). Also yours DOES have an AM stamp on the flap

    Regarding the AM stamp, in my experience, it is "hit and miss" whether you actually find it on RAF issued web equipment unless it is the specific "RAF 1925ptn" web equipment.

    RAF w/e was generally woven in a blue/grey cotton, but can also be found blancoed RAF blue-grey from the "normal" sandy brown base colour as issued to the army.

    Hope that this is of some help.

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy
    i think himpy that this holster was woven in grey,her colour it's certainly grey

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    It is a RAF holster, and I reckon I know exactly where it came from. When 14MU closed down there was litteraly thousands of tons of stuff to clear, they even found a refurbed Merlin engine in the crate (It went to BBMF for conversion and use) and a load of motorcycles. When I went up there they were filling tri-walls full of 37 pttn webbing and some of the guys there said I could help my self to some stuff as it was all getting sold off or destroyed so I ended up with a few 1943 dated ME co holsters, a few 52 dated ME co holsters and a load of belts, small packs, braces etc all by ME co, the only things I didn't get were the large packs and the left hand L strap for the packs (S**t loads of right). Some of the nicer parts of the kit I got was a mint water bottle in Blue enamel with the blue felt cover, a few marching compass pouchs and rifle ammo pouches

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    So you think that it's original.Very nice,all the opinions are positive

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