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WW2 British Webbing?

Article about: Hello i purchased this set of webbing not long ago and it is nothing ive ever seen i think it could be for the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Gunner but thats a shot in the dark, there no markings on

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    I think they are postwar Italian p37 pouches which have been tailored together. They come with leather or press stud straps.

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    Right guys, for what it's worth, here's my 2pennorth

    I like to think that I know my 37ptn WE and British WE in general but, like everyone else, this has thrown me.
    To me, it shows all the signs of being, at least elements of 37ptn WE, but "modded for use".
    I would also like to see any stamps, markings etc that are on it.

    :Shoulder harness, 37ptn, but those straps coming off at the join of the broad part are reminding me of a US shoulder harness.

    :Belt, from what I can see of it, the metalwork certainly says 37ptn, be interested to see the INSIDE of it, does it have the "pockets" for the belt adjustment clips and are there traces of where the rear buckles for 37ptn would be.

    :The pouches, definitely say 37ptn to me, possibly "cut down", BUT, those (?)leather buckle fastenings are throwing me, they remind me of the type found on the old A-Frame Bergans. Also, why put a mix of fastenings on them, AND, the front (?)ammo pouches, if this is a "combat rig", I can think of NO sensible reason why you would have that type of buckle fastening on them, if you had to do a magazine change under fire and that pouch was done up with that type of buckle, you would be dead before you released the buckle.

    :That stitching has definitely been done on a "heavy weight" professional machine, the stitching is too regular and too neat for it to be anything else.

    So, here's my take on it, it's a "put together" set, using 37ptn parts for something like hiking or possibly a fantasy re-enactment/airsoft type event.

    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    I still think it is Italian. I canít see on the pics but if the rivets on the brass ends on the short webbing pouch straps are closed instead of being open that is another sign. The leather straps look very Italian but I cannot post pictures on this forum from my phone.

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    I've seen a couple of these rigs in the past, both on eBay and on militaria sites (I think TrenchRat Militaria had one). I've never seen any positive identifications as they are usually labelled as 'experimental' or something along those lines.

    I'm in agreement with Roger that they are likely Italian. Both the leather closure straps and domed rivets on the brass tips are features on Italian webbing and are not really present on the Commonwealth webbing I have seen. I will gladly be corrected if new evidence surfaces!

    Take a look at this Italian webbing for comparison...

    Italian Pattern 37 Web Gear

    It's still a neat rig and I would love to know what weapon it is designed for!

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    Thumbs up

    Many thanks for posting that link. Prior to the appearance of this very interesting thread, I had absolutely no idea that Italian field equipment was so similar to British '37 Pattern.

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    You can see that the Italians were using the British style buckle from before the war on my M1934 Alpini rucksack.

    Modified rucksack/kitbag
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW2 British Webbing?  

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    I have it in hand now and i'd say it is most definitely a post WW2 Italian rig, the brass and leather straps are identical to the the Italian P37 Webbing

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