Last year my Grandfather gave me a pouch and he told me it was a first aid pouch from ww2.
Well he had a habit of taking gear from after the war (because it was cheap surplus back then) and took it and edited it to fit his needs for hunting and outdoor activities after the war, he gave me the pouch and I concluded it WAS a three pocket medics pouch from WW2 the only problem was that he had cut off two of the pouches. This made it one pouch and I was wondering if the three pocket grenade pouch and the first aid pouch was the same pouch just with different purposes?

Grenade pouch
Grenade Pouch, 3 Pocket, OD Canvas, WWII Orig., Mrkd Kaypey Mfg. Co. 1945 Gun Parts | 1154330 | Numrich Gun Parts

I have seen three pocket grenade pouches and have heard of two pocket grenade pouches also I have heard of two and three pocket medic pouches, I have seen them in collectors books but could not find them online,