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Another Fake Test

Article about: Test part 2: This disc is bad- but why? The text reads: 6/ PZ. ABT. 334 529 A There are two very clear problems- one is demonstrated by two features in fact, so one could say there are three

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    Default Another Fake Test

    Test part 2:

    This disc is bad- but why?

    The text reads:

    6/ PZ. ABT. 334

    There are two very clear problems- one is demonstrated by two features in fact, so one could say there are three indicators. None is tricky or anything like that.
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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    Okay, I guess these 'tests' aren't so interesting as I'd have thought- 51 views and not a single guess LOL

    Well the answer is that the unit is wrong- there was no Panzer-Abteilung 334- a quick look at the Lexikon der Wehrmacht website, in Tessin or any other unit reference would show this. There was a Panzerjäger-Abteilung 334, so if the faker had chosen this instead, the problem would be less obvious, however a form of it would still exist since there's no way over 500 men required replacement discs (units created during the war only usually issued discs with their markings as replacements for lost discs) and since it has a blood group letter on it, it's supposed to have been issued therefore could not be explained as 'stock'; also an Abteilung is the equivalent sized unit of a Battaillon, and only usually has only 4 Kompanien- i.e., there would be no 6. Kompanie.

    The second reason is that there's clearly a 'halo' around a few letters (a light zone) on the front, no corrosion in any of the letters, and the back shows the same removal of oxidation where the stamps are- all showing clearly the disc was stamped after it aged; so it may be an original disc, but it was a blank and was marked in recent years, not during the war.
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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    Hi Matt, I have a few of these in my collection but I don't know that much about them. You are providing very interesting and valuable information. Anything to thwart forgers has got to be good. I wish more guys would explain what's wrong with something instead of just saying. It's a fake, or no good, or forged, etc. Maybe instead of calling it a test, call it "The Forgery Challenge", because I would have flunked the test.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    LOL I never thought of that; 'challenge' over 'test' is a good idea- 'test' sounds too much like school

    Absolutely, just saying something is bad is of minimal help- it's fine if a person just wants to know if he should or shouldn't buy something, but it's not going to help anyone learn how to recognize good from bad himself. Plus, you're not just left having to take someone's word for it when you really don't know the basis of the opinion.

    Well if you'd like to know about your discs, do start a thread and post some pictures and I'm sure we can tell you something...
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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    I'm gonna take you up on that one Matt! I have a relic disc that has a small cross attached to it. I bought it years ago when I knew even less than I do now, so I'd like to know if it's legit. I'll try to get it up tonight. We can have another disc challenge.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    The first thing i noticed was the marks ont he rear where it had been stamped post war. It didnt know about the 334 bit so thanks for the lesson!

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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    Yeah, that's the most immediately obvious 'bad' feature- although such things could sometimes be overzealous cleaning, so it's not necessarily 100% without good photos. Overall stamping of old blanks isn't all that common, but enough so that you'll see it from time to time if you collect Erkennungsmarken. Luckily it's usually easy to recognize if the disc isn't pristine...
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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    Too bad i was away this weekend, i would have loved trying to pass this little test...
    Welcome aboard Matt anyway.....

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    Default Re: Another Fake Test

    Well I'll certainly be happy to post more little 'challenges'- I have lots and lots of images of fakes that'll help folks learn to avoid being cheated
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