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Concentration camp disks

Article about: I've never seen a real KL disc for sale, so have no idea either what the value is- to me \\$1500 for 4 disc is pretty crazy, espeically if there's no clear proof that all are real. Might be ju

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    Default Concentration camp disks

    Hi all,

    I have come across some concentration camp disks and I want to know if anyone has an opinion on their authenticity. I have been offered them from a fellow who I trust but I know nothing about these types of disks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Concentration camp disks   Concentration camp disks  

    Concentration camp disks   Concentration camp disks  

    Concentration camp disks   Concentration camp disks  

    Concentration camp disks   Concentration camp disks  

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    Hi Eike,

    The Auschwitz one appears to be real- it's quite distinctive and the details match those on an example I know to be real as the fellow who found it is a close friend of a long-time friend of mine; the short Sigrunen, the strange serif 'S' mixed with the sans-serif rest of the text, the 't' whose cross line isn't a cross line put projects only to the right, the oddly shaped 'b', the flat-topped 'A', all match. I have no images of 100% originals of the others, so I can't comment on them- the Mauthausen one I know has been faked, although the image I have that is different.

    Do you trust that the fellow who's offered them to you knows enough about Erkennungsmarken to recognize if these are definitely real? Lots of people are trustworthy, but simply don't know they have fakes; I once knew an Erkennungsmarke collector whose entire collection of SS discs was fake! But that's because he wasn't an expert- he just started bad and didn't realize it, so all he bought was bad stuff. He wasn't happy when I told him and of course didn't believe me LOL But his discs were the most known 'Rokas' fakes so there was no doubt...
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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    They look good to me-I like them. Aging looks authentic and there's no Obvious red flags. Nice lot. What is he asking for them? William

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    Question: If you can still get the tools to make these is it wise to invest in them without any provenance?

    I have previously been offered original (grave robbed) TK tags but could not bring myself to buy them.........!

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    Grave robbed? Where did this statement come from? No mention has been made of anything post-mortum dug. And,as for the tooling to make a dog tag,I would imagine that the tooling exists to make virtually any dog tag or badge and order in existence,for that matter. William

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    It's not impossible that unique tools still survive, of course, but being unique and useless until recent years it seems somewhat unlikely for the most part; and if something did show up, we wouldn't see just one fake, there'd be many and that'd be a dead giveaway. There're always ways to identify even really good fakes. Few are good though because they can fool the majority of collectors anyway with poor ones, and those are easier to make.

    And Wagriff is right- anything can be faked and provenance isn't all it's cracked up to be since it mainly consists of opinions and statements. Even if someone had a letter from the old vet who carried something during the war, unless he's still around to verify it, or it's notarized, which is going pretty far, who knows if it's real right? I've seen fake supposed 'Vet-Bringbacks' even.
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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    I believe these are original the dealer seems very reliable but I have never had concentration camp disks before and I had very little idea of what they look like. The price he is asking is a lot of money for me $1500 but that is only if I buy them as a set I have bought other ID tags but never at that price.

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    As for fake ID disks I see them a lot, usually from "vet estates" there are anomalies that usually make no sense on them. They can be wrong in a million ways. I have done a lot of digging in battlefields and found a lot of bones but the ID tags are almost never with bodies. The ones I have found are usually in bunkers or trenches in small bunches. Very often the Russians would exhume German graves to take the disks it is a common theme in their after action reports. I think this is why they are found this way, exhumed then collected then discarded in the field.

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    As far as your other question about fakes, well I think I have seen a fake version of every German WWII item that is collected so I collect items that are usually not too expensive (these disks excluded).

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    Default Re: Concentration camp disks

    They look real to me but I don't know what the market price is for this kind of stuff.I am sure someone here can give you a range that you should be paying.

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