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Article about: Hello! A comrade has here such disk. What it after subdivision. I thank you for any information. Thank you! J.Wais

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    Default Disk HIWI

    Hello! A comrade has here such disk. What it after subdivision. I thank you for any information.
    Thank you!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Disk HIWI  

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    Default Re: Disk HIWI


    KRAFTF. PK. OST 328 = Kraftfahr-Park Ost 628 - 628th motor park East
    HIWI = Hilfswilliger - voluntary assistant

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    Default Re: Disk HIWI

    That's a nice example of the use of two stamp sets to emulate upper and lower case letters while still using all capitals (in German, nouns are always capitalized- presumably that's why). With such a high number, this must be an independent unit so it'd not be the subunit of any other.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: Disk HIWI

    Stacez, Matt L - thank you for answers!
    To translate абриваатуру I can. But, what this subdivision? Found only such information:

    Feldpoststempel 1939-1945 : 39165 [Einkreisstempel] 1.9.1939-1.1.1940 12. Kompanie Infanterie - Regiment Großdeutschland und nicht verwendet. 28.2.1941-29.7.1941 Kraftfahr - Park 628, 11.3.1944 Kfz.-Instandsetzungs - Park 628. (FELDPOST II.WK)
    (Genauer Typ : " Kreisstempel")
    Verwendungszeit: 1.9.1939 bis 21.5.1945

    Give reference to this subdivision. Thanks in advance for answers.

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    Default Re: Disk HIWI

    Quote by JWais View Post
    [...] But, what this subdivision? [...]
    Could you please read once again what written above is ? There is not subdivision marked on this ID tag. It is simply saying that this "dog tag" belonged to Kraftfahr-Park Ost 628. Full stop. If there was a subdivision, it would be depicted on the disc and then it would be also identified here.
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