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Do these 2 GESTAPO disks look authentic?

Article about: Offered by a known auction house in Gernmany. What do you think?

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    Hi Guys,

    I bought this and I believe it is fake (correct me if I'm wrong). Aside from the anomalous die-struck detailing, which is quite good, I believe the colour or metalurgy is incorrect, given that the Gestpo warrant discs were in a silver-coloured metal!

    I'd appreciate some helpful comments.


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    Please post better hi-res close-ups taken in natural light i.e. for example outside. These gloomy pics might not do the trick.
    Im no expert on these and some might be able to say one way or the other whether or not its genuine, but in many cases the highly competent members here simply cant comment, if the pics are bad (unless of course this badge is either an obvious fake or clearly a genuine badge).
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    I don't think it's necessary- the text doesn't look like the real ones Don Bible shows; the letters are smaller! Go to the first page of this thread Nick, Ade has posted a link to Don's site where you can see high-resolution images and can compare yours to them easily.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Thought as much - thanks for chiming in

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    Thanks, Matt.


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    Learned quite abit dudes. Thanks for the Kripo lessons. Matt and Wag are spot on. All i may possibly be able to add was that first off, without looking at members posts, was the porosity of the Kripos themselves. As time has gone by i find the aspects of metal composition rather important. Heavy porosity on various pieces always turn my head and most often than not... are fake. For instance look at Don's site of the real deals.

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    Ade,This is a fine post.These as you know have been around since the 70s and maybe before.Do these East European countries contribute anything but bad stuff!I have seen these discs go (with the chain and ID card)for five figures.All you folks check this thread out it might save you big money!

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    Concerning the two Dienstmarken that started the thread, the Gestapo looks possibly okay, but there are a few issues and I would need to see in person to give finale answer. The State Kripo however is absolutely an original pre-1945 disc.


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