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Dog Tag - Galicien division

Article about: This is a disk from the 14 Waffen SS Grenadier Galicien division , does it look original to you? Thanks, Val

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    Yeah, those last three are the same as those posted by Val, but what makes them real? Just saying they are doesn't really help- one has to provide evidence, yes? Do either of you know the person who supposedly dug up the cache personally and can 100% vouch for them? Or do you have an image of one that came directly from its original owner in the war?

    The Frw Gren Rgt 30 is a different unit so isn't a valid comparison- only the exact same unit is since virtually every unit had its own unique discs, sometimes even individual Kompanies' discs weren't the same. And if the lettering is identical, that's usually a bad thing...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    All those tags were dug a few years ago in the Ukraine and are for sure original items.

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    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I confirmed with the disk's owner, all of them were found in one spot, in fact in a box in a swamp area.
    That's why they are very low numbers and were from the period when the division was formed. Looks like they were never issued, I guess that after the Germans retreated someone threw the box away.

    I decided to take a chance and get one disk for myself,, Originally I thought I would go for two.. It should arrive in couple of weeks..

    Thanks everyone for your input.

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    Well sure it makes sense that he knows the same story Kindz knows but without real proof it's just a story. It might be true but it shouldn't be stated as fact unless it can be substantiated. It actually doesn't make a lot of sense that there'd be so such numbers unissued- so there's doubt to be sure. If the price were extremely low, it might be worth taking a chance, but...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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