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Erkennungsmarke SS opinions please?

Article about: Hi guys, could you please advise me on this tag?, regards, Juan

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    Why would these tags be there? The Germans were already out of that area before the unit was even formed. Not very convincing.

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    I agree with you and thank you for taking the interest to reply to me. I am not giving up as for yet, somehow have the feeling that these are legit, but will continue talking to the seller and see if I can get more specifics out of all of this

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    SS erkennungsmarke Kaltofen - Militaria Forums

    just been searching around, check what I found on WAF, someone entered this thread on WAF in 2011 and guess what, same tag different number, and the forum member claims exactly what I just entered, that it was found close to Caen, the answer he got is exactly yours, would say interesting, the least, would you not agree?

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    I guess it is interesting that the tags would have the same improbable story 6 years apart. Maybe your seller bought these from the earlier guy who dug them from the wine cellar where they were made in 2006 or 2005? There are way too many leaps of faith that I would have to make to even think it might be an original disk. The unit never existed in France from what I can see, and it is extremely unlikely that the unit had its own tags.

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    I will try to get more info from the seller and also around

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    This unit was an ad hoc one that was formed in 1945 to fight on the Eastern Front and only existed for a short time , the Battles in Normandy were concluded in late August 1944 so the probablity that these tags could have been dug around Caen is nil , looks like the original dodgy story is still being perpertuated !!
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    old Fake!!!

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    Hi guys, thanks to you all for your comments. Would like to clarify that there has been a misunderstanding with the seller due to my limited french skills. This tag was not dug out next to Caen, it was bought by the seller to a friend next to Caen and it was dug out many years ago in East Germany. This now adds up and makes more sense. Nevertheless I still like it and have faith in it, even more now knowing that its provenance is not Caen. Guess there is no way and evidence to prove either way that this tag is good or not. There is one thing which is certain the Kaltofen Regiment did in fact exist, briefly, but it did, regards, Juan

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    Why?, where is the evidence to support your statement?, regards, Juan
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    old Fake!!!

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    The story about these disks seems to be changing as the weight of evidence is against this being original. I think it is a fake. If you still like it and want it, go ahead and buy it, enjoy it. You seem uninterested in conflicting opinions you just want it to be real. There is no evidence that this disk or the others recently posted in other forums are real. I think a faker just got a batch ready to sell and got his story wrong. Now I think the story is getting massaged in order to refute the opinions of every post I have read, they all say fake, here and other forums.

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