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Fake Challenge VIII

Article about: Here's a new one folks- this disc once again is definitely fake and there are a couple of specific problems, any one of which would be sufficient to demonstrate that it's bad. There's also a

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    Well assuming one isn't immediately familiar with all the known fake fonts, which you wouldn't be for a while, and it can be difficult to also know if an abbreviation is correct- more are than not certainly- but the first thing I suggest people look at is 'did the unit even exist?'... which this one seems not to have. Searching all the references I have access to, there was no Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon Gro▀deutschland. GD had an Infanterie/Grenadier-Ersatz-REGIMENT, but no Bataillon.

    The other problem is that there simply can't be a Bataillon of a Bataillon- a Bataillon is a subunit of a Regiment, so the text II Bataillon, Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon makes no sense; there were a very few multiple Ersatz-Bataillone of the same number, but they're written specifically:

    Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon II 123 meaning the 2nd IEB 123

    The way this disc is marked, it's the Stabskompanie of the II. Bataillon of Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon GD, which is nonsensical.

    This error would be the second thing I suggest looking at if you find the unit is real, is does the text fit with standard formats. Here clearly it does not.
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    Man...I was almost there. lol

    I definitely need to read more...but I am learning

    Cool challenge dude..that was fun

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    Glad you liked it and yeah, you were close

    Since fakers don't usually work from originals, and often have no knowledge at all about the formations and nomenclature of the units they're faking, the mistakes they make are often good ways to catch them. Here obviously the faker figured a GEB was a good primary unit type to use, but had no idea there wasn't one for the GD, and they married that with a second battalion staff subunit, despite that being something that'd go with a regiment- so they were just playing mix-and-match and created a Frankenstein's monster.
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    Now I have to go through my TR discs and see if I have "Franken-tags". I could post a few and we can go through them if you have the time.
    This was cool. Thanks for your time dude.

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    Sure- just start a new thread and you'll get more visitors and, hopefully, useful commentary.
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    so..are tags your area of expertise..?
    Any books you could recommend..?
    Do you know Canadian/ British/Commonwealth tags?

    See...Im out in the sticks here in Ontario, and to get to a city is 2 hrs from me..? So learning about this sort of thing is a very slow process. Not many dealers in the area. Lots of hobbyists, but the only time you talk to them is at shows, and as we all know, you can find interesting stuff at a show, but you can't find a good deal. That is one reason why I am glad I found this forum.
    I found a few other forums on military collecting but it seemed like there was a lot of people trying to sell questionable goods, and people upset, and definitely lots of in fighting.

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    Well with German ones, the only type I know, it's a slow process no matter what since it's not a simple subject and there is so much variation. There is only one decent book, but it's just a primer really so not of that much use in actual collecting; it took me years and years of observation and research to get good at all this. Really, not to blow my own horn or anything, but all the stuff I've written so far and the references I've recommended are probably the best way to start off learning about Erkennungsmarken.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Hi Matt. glad to see you here. These tests are what the guys need.

    IF, your going to collect these,,or even just get one as part of a display you really have to do your homework.

    I used to have photos of some old fakes, just about 20 yr old now!. And, some weird even older authentics.
    If I can find them I'll post as part of tests..,G.

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    Default Re: Fake Challenge VIII

    What is your opinion on this one, fake or real?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Fake Challenge VIII

    Here's another pic
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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