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Fake Dog Tags ?

Article about: HI guys I would like to know if these dog tags are real or fake

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    Default Fake Dog Tags ?

    HI guys I would like to know if these dog tags are real or fake
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake Dog Tags ?   Fake Dog Tags ?  

    Fake Dog Tags ?  
    Attached Images Attached Images Fake Dog Tags ? Fake Dog Tags ? 

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    Default Re: Fake Dog Tags ?

    The Grenadier disc look fine, and the Panzergrenadier appears to be a field-made replacement. The font of the 'Spanish' one is very close or the same to one I'm familiar with on some fakes, although the ones I have images of only have a matching 'p' and share no other letters to compare; the SS one is an easy fake since it's a super-desirable field unit, an unrealistically high roll number and a sans-serif font very much like the common fake ones. The Wolgatatar one is tough- there was a Wolgatatarisches Infanterie-Bataillon 826, part of the Wolgatatarisches-Legion Jedlnia, and it's a bit of an obscure unit, and not exactly extremely desirable so not so easy to see a faker bothering with- but the font is again very similar to known fake ones, and there's nothing particularly 'real looking' about the disc in general.
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    Is it a concern that the Spanish one is 'upside down'? In that the tag itself when suspended via the two holes would have the text upside down. None of the erkennugsmarken I own are stamped in this fashion.

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    Default Re: Fake Dog Tags ?

    Not necessarily- I have seen real ones like that; you can imagine someone stamping these all day long, especially using individual letters, accidentally starting on a disc upside down or, if it's normally to be one of those with text one way on one half and the other way on the other half, forgetting to rotate the disc, or some such thing. Technically, one could say only half the 'Spanish' one is the wrong way around
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