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FAKE-Dogtag seller BLUME66 at Ebay.

Article about: Dear Collectors , Please look out for dogtag seller BLUME66 at Ebay. There are no original dogtags from him . He tells lies about where he found the dogtags . 8000 Zeppelin tags in a factory

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    Quote by Nick M View Post
    I know,

    I sold my fake-blume66- dogtags , and lost a lot of money....... But I see, it contiunes so I try to warn other collectors. And I will post all fake dogtags of Blume!!
    What about the poor unfortunates you sold fake tags onto? How does that make you any better than the faker in the first place?

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    Circuit advertisement FAKE-Dogtag seller BLUME66 at Ebay.
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    Pardon the pun, but Blume is still blooming, turning out unusual/rare/ EKM's. Buyers beware.

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    Quote by Eike41 View Post

    I feel for you man it is terrible and not fair. Did you post the disks here? Have we seen any of the fakes you bought?

    I must say I have bought items that were not my specialty from forum members here and when they turned out to be "not as advertised" it was on me. So just saying it can happen any time with any kind of collecting. Hopefully you have not paid an excessive amount for your education, but it is all a learning process.
    If that happened then the Mods should be aware / alerted of this... It is not tolerated here.. G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Read this thread: A few more skull rings

    It is tolerated, it is certainly condemned but when push comes to shove and the seller is a big fish in the community nothing comes of it. I have tried several times to get these rings returned to no avail.

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    I know this is an older thread but another person selling a lot of fake EKMs on ebay is collector112011. Great deals from collector112011 | eBay Stores

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    Interesting he appears to get them from Latvia originally. Yes, very dodgy, far too many ziggy siegrunes for my liking....

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    However, this seller always says "close to originals". It worries me that are well-made copies.

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    Quote by BlackCat1982 View Post
    Blume66 is still selling fakes, unusual/rare/ EKM's. Buyers beware.
    They might be super cheap but they are still super copies. Don't waste you cash on him.

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