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Fake Test

Article about: Hi guys, I thought it might be interesting to run a little test here and hopefully show a very simple way to recognize fake SS discs. Have a look at the image below- it's a fake... but why?

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    Quote by Matt L View Post
    Just for the heck of it, here's another brutally-bad fake that should be immediately obvious because of nonsensical unit text:

    7./SS-Geb. Jag. Rgt. 12. MG

    The moronic faker went too far and if he'd left off the terminal 'MG' it wouldn't be soooo bad (although it still has multiple other problems). Why is it bad? Because firstly the MG Kompanien of an Infanterie-type Regiment were the fourth of each of the three Bataillone- that is to say the 4., 8., and 12. Kompanien. The 7. Kompanie was a regular rifle Kompanie. Plus the MG doesn't go at the end. Ever. If it's included in the text it should almost always appear after the number, often in parenthises, i.e. : "4. (MG)/ xyz" and I have one where it's marked above the "4. KP" but it does not go at the end after the Bataillon or Regiment number. It's a descriptor of the Kompanie, thus goes with that bit of the text.

    There are two other problems with this disc as well:

    1) the lettering is a famous fake type- note the space in the 'a'
    2) the abbreviation 'Jag' is missing the Umlaut over the 'a'
    hi Matt,
    thanx for you great work,but I have opinion
    "MG"- on this ID not Maschingewer Kompanie,"MG" -"Michael Gaissmair" SS Geb Jag Regiment 12.And I agree with you about umlauts.
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    Oh really? I wasn't aware of that- already recognizing the bad text, etc. I didn't bother to look up the unit. Indeed that would make the Kompanie issue incorrect- although I'd doubt it a lot that the text as-is is correct anyway...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Quote by Matt L View Post
    Sure, here's a nice one- SS-Flak-Ersatz-Regiment with a great Waffen-SS on the back. For some specialist type units, the Waffen-SS had only one or started with only one, so there'd be no number.

    I don't know just why it was broken, but it's often the case that metal detectorists will find one half of a disc in one spot and the other in a different spot some meters away as if at the end of the war the owner broke it and threw the halves different directions; there are many instances of men having buried their identifying materials (discs, cuff titles or rank insignia) and sometimes weapons, and it also seems that sometimes when groups of prisoners were taken, their materials were 'destroyed' like this- presumably so the same disc couldn't be used by more than one man. Friends of mine in Europe have found caches of broken discs like this in places where locals remember groups of Germans being taken prisoner at the end of the war. They also find pits full of medals and badges presumably taken and dumped at the same time.

    Here You might see another SS-Flak.Ers.Rgt. tag with different font but original like others.


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    Original.But need back side.

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    Quote by wiaderny View Post
    Here You might see another SS-Flak.Ers.Rgt. tag with different font but original like others.

    But note that the '7' is the same (presumably the number set is all the same); and that the 'S' on the Ersatz-Abteilung discs at the top is the same despite the rest of the text's lettering changing. Usually it's less concerning to see different text if the Stammrollennummer is very different on two discs- the Regiment discs shown are a perfect example; the Abteilung ones would beg further viewing since they're relatively close, but the fact that the '7' is consistent suggests they're fine.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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