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German dogtag

Article about: Hello,i just found this and wanted to know more abought it value and anything else would be great...thanks

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    Default German dogtag

    Hello,i just found this and wanted to know more abought it value and anything else would be great...thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German dogtag  

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    Default Re: German dogtag

    8 Kompanie, Grenadier Regiment 1141, Stammrollennummer 30, no blood type that I can see, are there any markings on the reverse?

    For information on GR 1141 follow: Google Translate

    For comparison, here is similar unit tag.
    Google Translate

    Value? I can't say...maybe $30 - $50?

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    Default Re: German dogtag

    thanks so much,no there is nothing on back.thanks as this is my first find and thought it was kinda neat/.,

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    Default Re: German dogtag

    Is it also a steel disc? It looks to have a little bit of corrosion and the large neck cord holes are usually found on the steel types. If it is, that makes if rather uncommon- the vast, vast majority of Erkennungsmarken are aluminum or zinc; steel was originally supposed to have been developed for use by air and tank crews who might be in fires that would destroy those softer metals, and the large holes would allow the disc to be worn on a chain. The funny thing is that of all the steel discs I've had the opportunity to buy- I have 6 or 8- not one was from either type unit; they're all regular infantry, etc. so it would seem that stocks were simply distributed. Yours would seem to be of that sort- the low number and later war type unit suggests it's an unissued 'replacement' disc; Grenadier-Regiment 1141 wasn't created until August of 1944, so likely none of its soldiers ever disc marked to it- only one who lost his original disc might be issued with one of these.
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    Default Re: German dogtag

    wow!! thanks for the detailed help as you realy must know your stuff!! thanks so much i paid $20 took a gamble as i never seen one as i would have seen a few by now but this is my first.take care

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