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German tag

Article about: Hey, I got an tag with these words on it: LEG. SHITOMIR LAG And is there an webpage where i can find info about the shortcuts on an tag? greets DE

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    Default German tag


    I got an tag with these words on it:


    And is there an webpage where i can find info about the shortcuts on an tag?

    greets DE

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    Default Re: German tag

    Do you have a picture of it DE? It's important to decipher a tag to know what type it is, whether or not it's real, etc. Those markings don't immediatly make much sense to me, so seeing the actual disc may help.

    And there might be some short list someplace, but a comprehensive one would be huge so I'd be surprised if there were one. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching to decipher a disc even if one has a large list anyway.
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    Default Re: German tag

    Yes, please show the tag.

    I have no idea about the 'LEG.' part but it sounds to me like it came from a camp in Zhytomir, Ukraine. However, 'Shitomir' is a very odd way to spell it. I believe the Germans would have, and still do, spell it by 'Schytomyr'. The fact that it has the former spelling is already making me a bit skepical.

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    Default Re: German tag

    I will try to get an picture. but the text was: SH/TOMIR

    LEG is legion and LAG is lager.

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    Default Re: German tag

    Right, those would be some normal meanings for those abbreviations and 'Shitomir' is the normal German spelling for the Russian city, but together as you've said they are marked, they don't really make any sense to me; I had a look and couldn't find anything that worked, so I'm hoping seeing the tag may help.
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    Default Re: German tag

    here you go..

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    Default Re: German tag

    Sometimes the reason the text on discs doesn't seem to make much sense is that they're fakes- it's hard to tell with this one- it has wear on the cord holes, but the condition makes it difficult to know if it's real. The text is the ever-dangerous sans-serif capital type, but the photo isn't large enough to see if it's recognizable.

    Assuming it's real, the placename being on a different line means, it's actually 'LEG. LAG. SHITOMIR'; so it seems to be referring to a 'legion' camp in Shitomir not that Shitomir is a part of the unit title per se. It's still kind of half a title though- it doesn't specify which Legion- there were lots of them. I've looked at all the units stationed or associated with Shitomir and nothing fits- so it may not be a military unit- it could be some other type of Lager. I don't know if, for example, there was a POW camp in or near Shitomir- although that doesn't seem so likely a candidate given the text.
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    Default Re: German tag

    Yeah, I've been thinking something like that- a very basic collection point or some such thing for Ukrainian volunteers; not a camp where people lived, necessarily, but rather more of a local training facility. Such a high roll number suggested it wasn't a usual 'unit', but something more ad hoc. There were lots of real military foreign volunteer units that operated as regular German units did, so this wasn't the same kind of thing it seems.
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