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Gestapo secret police disc

Article about: I have a chance to buy this disc. I am TRYING to get clearer pics, but the guy is very old and hardly knows how to use a camera, much less email and a phone. I know there are ways to tell fa

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    Kirby is absolutely correct. An authentic Gestapo warrant disk is worth a considerable price. The poor details and the incorrect designwork on this one is a one-looker fake. We have heard this scenario more times than can be counted-a "relic from a veteran's possession" and a tantrum when called on it. Count yourself fortunate to have lost out on this fake junk and saved yourself some money.
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    Quote by excalibr View Post
    Thanks for all your help. I called and told him I was going to pass. He got very angry insisting it came from his fathers footlocker. I just hung up on him.
    Fraudsters always get angry when they get caught. Who knows? Maybe his father picked it up at a gun show. However, it is what it is.


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    ....... unless his father was in a stalag and this was made in the forgers shop for an escape kit!!!!!! .....

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    Checkout this site for good info on these disks:

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Quote by excalibr View Post
    He said he was told by a 'dealer' that it was worth around $400-600. I have no idea on these discs. That's why I posted these pics. It's just very depressing. The last 5-6 items I have had the chance to buy have turned out to be fake.
    Imagine how depressing it would be if you had bought these 5 or 6 items ! Maybe you should use some of this extra cash to become a Gold Member , after all it's only 25$ as compared to the thousand or so we just saved you . Cheers and happy collecting , keep posting items here first .
    Cheers Chris

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    Buy a book or become a member here, whatever say few "experts", , is a good investment.
    We do mistakes, especially when fakes is more important than right items.

    I don' t bet in straight line to spot the truth.

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    Counterfeit "knock off" and really bad. Do NOT waste your money. Next case....
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