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God or bad ?????? (",)

Article about: I had a very good responce on the last thread I made here so now I have been looking in more of my old stuff and found this 4. I have had them for years now but never been sure that they are

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    Default God or bad ?????? (",)

    I had a very good responce on the last thread I made here so now I have been looking in more of my old stuff and found this 4. I have had them for years now but never been sure that they are ok I hope you can help me.
    Best regards Morten
    God or bad ?????? (",)God or bad ?????? (",)God or bad ?????? (",)God or bad ?????? (",).

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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    Some interesting stuff you have there Morten. The NSKK is the usual type, nothing special and nothing terribly interesting or valuable, so fakers don't really bother with them, so you're safe there.

    The Panzer-Jagd-Brigade F looks fine- it's pretty rare and an interesting disc from a late-war unit; there's no information about it I can find save what might be Feldpost Nr., but that's not exactly odd.

    The SS ones are usually harder. Fakers don't usually go for Ersatz units, so that's a plus for your Estonian one, but given that the font is very simple, it'll be necessary to do a bit of comparison in the fake fonts thread I posted to see if it matches any of those. Fakers, for some reason, like the text at the line, Stammrollennummer in the middle above and blood group letter in the upper right corner.

    The Latvian one looks better fontwise, but it has some issues: firstly, the proper title of the main unit is '15. Waffen-Grenadier-der SS (lett. Nr. 1)', while yours reads '15. Waffen-Grenadier-der Lett. Nr. 1'- not the same at all. The 'SS' is conspicuously missing, and placed rather haphazardly at the top for some reason. Secondly, the name of every unit in the Waffen-SS actually has 'SS' as a proper part of it, so in this case it's 'SS-Panzerjäger-Abteilung', so again the 'SS' is not where it ought to be. I don't immediately see anything else that's a major problem- in fact if it weren't for the 'SS' problem, it'd look pretty good...
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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    Strange and looks a bit wrong inscription of the Lettische dog tag. It is usually Waff Gren Div d SS. But the font looks good. The Estn Leg, must have other type of font, but I can't exactly say they are bad. I have just doubts

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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    Hej Dimas.
    Thanks for the information. They are a bit strange. Over the years I have looked in books after information about them but haven't found one disk that looks like them. I don't know how rare the SS disk are have you any idea of this ?
    Best regards Morten

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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    Hej Matt.
    Thanks for the information.
    Good to hear that I have one more rare disk (",)
    Your right about the SS disk they are very hard to confirm ok I had hoped that you could say jes or no about the disk...Iam not so happy for the disk when Iam not sure it's ok.
    Best regards Morten

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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    You won't get a yes or no about either one likely- the only way is to find the exact same fonts on confirmably fake discs, which is the usual way, or to find a 100% provably authentic example from the exact same unit, which can be extremely difficult. As I wrote, you can search the known fakes to see if the Estonian font matches any, because it's very simple and really kind of suspect becuase of that. The Latvian's problem text says it's pretty likely bad too- I can't think of any good explanation for the significant error other than it's a faker's mistake. The fact sadly is that with SS discs, you really need proof that something's real, not proof it's fake; the vast majority are bad, so good ones have to prove themselves, and neither of these would do it.
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    Default Re: God or bad ?????? (",)

    Never seen a font like that for an Estonian Legion tag and got to agree with the others re the unit designation on the Latvian tag !!
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