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Good EKM?

Article about: Hello, I've the opportunity to buy this group of erkennungsmarke. What do you think about it? I've never seen such EKM, but there's a lot of different discs. Thanks. Greg.

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    Default Good EKM?


    I've the opportunity to buy this group of erkennungsmarke. What do you think about it?
    I've never seen such EKM, but there's a lot of different discs.

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    At least the three you posted big images of look fine Greg; they're nothing terribly interesting though- one construction replacement unit (that might just be unissued stock) and two general Wehrkreis VI (?) discs (not actual field military units). Not worth very much I'd think, nor are they anything worth buying just to have a couple of Erkennungsmarken in one's collection since proper combat unit discs aren't hard to find.
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    Thanks for your help. Don't you think that the ID for the replacement unit was used in active unit?
    I've already seen that soldiers received their ID during their training, in replacement unit, and kept their ID when they joined the active unit.


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    Sure, that was the way it was done; but that disc has a very, very high serial number, and no blood group letter mark, so I'm a bit doubtful it was issued. It's difficult to see over 15,500 men going through the 3. Kompanie (strength something like 150-250 men every training period) during the entire war. Usually very high numbers like that are usually only achieved by units that used a central roll, i.e, at Bataillon (etc.) level rather than Kompanie level (so more like 600-1000 at a time); now this is just a construction unit, so maybe they had a shorter training period or something, but there's nothing to indicate it. If there were a blood group letter on it, then yes, it'd be clearly something like that- but without one there's no reason to believe it was ever issued.
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    You're probably right.
    I won't buy it. I already have 2 disc, but I focus on awards and documents.
    One is for an infantry replacement unit, the 2nd I'm not sure:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2033.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Right- for Infanerie-type replacement units the higher-end numbers one is likely to see are in the 5000s, and one could expect them to produce one of the higher rates of new soldiers. Yours is cool because that number is so low, the man must have been one of the very first 'class' of recruits the unit accepted.

    The other one is Flugwach-Kommando Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 237

    Luftnachrichten-Regiment 237

    1. Aufstellung:

    * 2.9.1944 in Westdeutschland: Stab aus Stab/Luftnachrichten-Flugmelde. Regiment 102 (Luftgau XII),
    I. aus III./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 42 (früher XII. Flieger-Korps), II. aus III./Luftnachrichten-
    Regiment 205 (5. Jagddivision), III. aus V./Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 12. Die Kompanien
    stammten durchweg von den Luftnachrichten-Regimentern 205 und 215 der früheren 5. Jagddivision in
    Süddeutschland; Stab in Neustadt/Aisch, I. Renningen bei Stuttgart (mit den Flukos Stuttgart und
    Straßburg), II. Neustadt/Aisch (mit den Flukos Nürnberg, Würzburg, Regensburg), III. Euerbach bei
    Schweinfurt (mit den Flukos Bamberg, Bayreuth und Pilsen).

    2. Gliederung:

    I. 1-6, II. 10-14, III. 20-24

    3. Unterstellung:

    7. Jagd-Division, Süddeutschland
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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