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Ground dug tagsi bought yesterday

Article about: Yesterday i was at a little militaria fair and there i found 3 dogtags, he asked about \\$30 each because he didn't know anything about ww2 items and didn't really care for them either. i main

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    Default Ground dug tagsi bought yesterday

    Yesterday i was at a little militaria fair and there i found 3 dogtags, he asked about $30 each because he didn't know anything about ww2 items and didn't really care for them either.

    i mainly just bought them because i wanted to do a little relic display to have something special to look at, and i first later saw what they were stamped. A guy on the fair who knew a lot about dogtags said they were fine, but i'd like some more opinions on them.

    are any of these good?

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    Hi Tjebbe,

    I'm afraid I have bad news for you- all three are fakes. The two GD ones are both very well-known types- the letters are very recognizable; they're the 'Rokas' type. I've posted examples in the 'fake fonts' sticky thread. And the 'SS' one is fake as well- I'm sure it'd be possible to match the fonts, but the easiest reason to see is that the three Trennschlitzen in the middle don't line up. Field-made discs can be imperfect, of course, but clearly this isn't field-made; it's just poorly-made.
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    you got taken my friend.

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    Thanks for the help, $30 GD tags could only be too good to be true.
    Didn't pay a lot for them so they'll still be nice wall hangers and could be used as reference next time i'll be buying dogtags.
    Do you think the disc is a repro as well, or is it a period disc with post war ingraving?
    i've got another tag aswell, could you take a look at that one too?

    sorry for all those questions, i'm new to dogtags and would love to learn a lot about them


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    No, there's nothing to suggest they're wartime blank discs just stamped in more recent years. On those you can usually see a 'halo' around the stamps where they impact force has caused the patina to come off, and there's accompanying scratching of the patina on the back. It really wouldn't matter though either way. The first one I'm sure is just fake completely.

    And sure, post as many discs as you like for review- we're always happy to help someone trying to learn
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    here is the last one, it came with the others so it's probably bad aswell

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P9230381.jpg 
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    That one looks fine to me- a regular Infanterie-Regiment disc You can use the sticky thread at the beginning of the section to go to the Lexikon der Wehrmacht site and find the history of Infanterie-Regiment 57. As part of the 1. Kompanie, this man was a regular rifleman; the low Stammrollennummer suggests he was with the Kompanie before September 1939, and the blood group mark means he was still serving by mid-1941, which is when it's suggested the mark began to be added to discs.
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    Thanks a lot! Next time i'll remember to do more homework before i buy, haha

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    Sure thing- and yeah, if you can it's always better to check before buying. It's obviously not possible if you're at a flea market, but any other time that you can get images, feel free to post them and I'm sure you'll get useful opinions to help you decide whether to pick something up or not
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