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Help with Dog Tags

Article about: thanks ralph.

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    From what I have found on this site is that Bau kp means bauten komponie. Does that make any sense? Construction company?

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    Better photos are needed of course but at first glance I can say that construction company tags are not particularly 'sexy' and I would hope that most fakers wouldn't go to the bother of faking a tag worth maybe $20

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    Bau Kompanie is a Building / construction Kompanie as Glenn has pointed out they are not usually faked as they are not expensive.
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    Thank you guys. Would you know what the 337 on top stood for? Company number? Also the 2/44 , feb 1944? Sorry I'm new to this.

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    337 is the guy's stammrollen number (roll number). 2/44 is 2nd Kompanie of the 44th regiment I expect.

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    Thank you, from what I have been reading so far that maa
    Kes sense. Thanks again. Now I know the history of it.

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