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Help with dug with id disc. From Russia

Article about: I just purchase these items ( posted it in another area) anyhow now im on the mission to find this guy. I read the past forums and I can understand some of it, but is it possible to find out

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    That pouch with the tag would have been around his neck, the awards on his tunic...if these were found together, there is a possibility that these are grave-recovered...Speculating, of insinuation intended here, friends...just a bit of logical conjecture!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Circuit advertisement Help with dug with id disc. From Russia
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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Strict German Privacy Laws tend to be an obstacle as well unless you are a relative...
    cheers, Glenn
    Any idea if these laws have time limits with regards to this particular type of info or are they simply indefinite in nature?

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    Im going to find out about that. He said is was found without one because of course I asked. He said he will tell me the story when he gets home. There was a helmet I bought also with this and he said it wasn't from the area but you never know. this belt buckle also.

    he claimed up and down but its bin on my mind though because I told him NO F*#$&#(*&$ way im buying this if it was, but when I post about these medals, another member said problally not from grave, but who knows....the seller swore up and down and came up with a story. Ill find out where he found all of this in a day or so. I have not got these items in mail yet. Help with dug with id disc. From RussiaHelp with dug with id disc. From RussiaHelp with dug with id disc. From RussiaHelp with dug with id disc. From RussiaHelp with dug with id disc. From Russia

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    I emphasize that I'm only speculating here in this regard...but if you've had the same thoughts as well, there may be something to it...
    Lets wait until we have the "full story"...and then we'll see. The Price he is asking would be good to know as well...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Yeah I'll wait and see what he says. I already bought it all. The helmet I got him down to 100 bucks and the medals and belt buckle 200. So three hundred with shipping. Unique pieces. Ill see what he says in the story. Some other member told me, don't buy the story, buy the item, which I did. Nice dug relic helmet which the seller cleaned up nicely .

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    you done good.

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    you think that's a fair price, specially since its a panzer regiment? If that matters probally not ..its a interesting grouping

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    Quote by MrPotts View Post
    Some other member told me, don't buy the story, buy the item, which I did.
    That would have been me that made that statement.
    Here is what I posted in your other thread regarding whether this was grave dug or not.
    Quote by rbminis View Post
    Not knowing enough about where this unit served, I can only speak on this with feelings about what my father went through.
    It was known by the soldiers that served in Russia that to be caught by the Russians would, (especially wearing a black wrap), mean certain death, likely shot on sight. Also, any germans that fought on the Russian front and captured by allied forces would be turned over to the Russians as was their agreement.
    I believe, (I can not ask my father about this directly as he passed in 1985), that he disposed of his uniform and likely any documentation connecting him to the 16th Panzer Div. as well as probably his erkennungsmarken.
    The helmet, likely just disposed of at war's end to reduce weight.
    It would not really surprise me if these items were found somewhere in Russia.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    well rbminis now I know its from the panzer 35th regiment...its a start!

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    It could just as well, or IMO more likely due to condition, be the other way around --- disc with pouch could quite simply have been thrown away along with the medals... why keep the pouch if you're throwing way the disc? Also, IF someone wanted to rid themselves of insignia and medals before going into captivity/at the end of the war, which A LOT of them did, why not throw away everything in one go?

    Get location, ask the seller for story, ask for photos... in the end it's you that's got to be satisfied with the "evidence"... I see no real reason to suppose the most controversial here.

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