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ID Disk help

Article about: Hopefully this is the right place but I was reading you alls post, no these aren't real ID Disks but my great grandfather was in the 2nd SS Division, I do not have anything from him sadly si

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    Default ID Disk help

    Hopefully this is the right place but I was reading you alls post, no these aren't real ID Disks but my great grandfather was in the 2nd SS Division, I do not have anything from him sadly since he was killed on the Ostfront, I'd love to get a ID Disk stamped just as a cool thing, not planning to sell them at all as "original" How would I abbreviate the 2nd SS Das Reich Division 11th SS Infantry Regiment for the stamping company? All help is much appreciated!

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    Hi Hunt4it

    Well you'd need your Grandfather's service record or SS-Soldbuch to know what the proper marking for his Erkennungsmarke was- it was likely the replacement unit he joined first rather than his field unit- SS-Infanterie-Regiment 11; but for your purposes a marking that's not totally unrealistic would be simply "x./ SS-Inf. Rgt. 11" where x is a Kompanie number from 1 to 12; if you don't know the specific Kompanie he was in or the Bataillon, you can just choose. And this is assuming he was just a regular infantryman and not an engineer, or anti-tank gunner or something. There'd also be a number centered above or below the text- his roll number; 2-3 digits if you know he joined in 1941, or 3 digits if it was later. So the disc would look something like this:

    5./ SS-Inf. Rgt. 11

    You know you can get existing service records from the German government- you apply to the Deutsche Dienststelle, you have to prove you're a relation and there's a small fee, and of course a lot of records were lost so there may not be much or anything, but it might be worth a try if you're interested.
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    Would the disc not also show the division Matt? Just seems to little info like this, without mentioning the Div itself.

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    Default Re: ID Disk help

    Nope- only in cases where Division kept the rolls is that true and then the mark would the the Division only; normally it's the basic major unit: the Bataillon for replacement units, the Regiment field units (Infanterie types).
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    Maybe a stupid question, but my knowledge on EKM is very small; how would they know to which division the soldier belonged?
    If for example it would read 2 SS DIV. 5./Inf.Rgt 11 it would make more sense? Or am I wrong again?

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    Nope, it'd read what I posted LOL Maybe think about what the Erkennungsmarke is for- it simply tells someone where to find the man's personal information; on what roll his name, home address, etc. are recorded- and that's done by his very first unit (usually a replacement unit during the war). A Division wouldn't normally keep such a detailed roll- that's up to the smallest major unit type, which is the Regiment. What Division his Regiment was a part of is irrelevant...
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