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Article about: Hi, anybody have info about this unit , thanks

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    Default Id tag

    Hi, anybody have info about this unit , thanks
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    By the way it was ground dug near the Czech border

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    That's a ss dog tag , not army

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    The SS Runes have been added to the original Army Ersatz unit tag to sex it up unfortunately !!

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    As a guide for others, how can you tell ? , thanks

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    Because the unit is Heer- there was no SS version. And the Sigrunen are in the wrong place- 'SS' was always part of the unit title, e.g. SS-Panzer-Abteilung, SS-Nachrichten-Abteilung, SS-Infanterie-Regiment; just off to the side is definitely wrong. It's a common fake method to just take a real disc and add 'SS', 'HG' or things like that to make something seem to be more special. It's a shame too because it totally destroys the value of the original disc too; and in this case it's a bit of an odd one- the stamp set used to make it seems to have been missing its 'F' so they used a 'P' instead. A bit odd for such an early production disc really.

    So unfortunately Skippy, it's a fake as it stands.

    To be honest, since the surface staining and corrosion is consistent and there's no sign of the Sigrunen being added over top, I'm a bit doubtful it's even an original Heer disc- the whole thing might be fake. That would explain the weird P for F switch up; either a faker was the one without an F or he was trying to make it look more legitimate- which is odd since he blew the unit.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I've seen a couple of these with the same p instead of a f, one in America and the other in Europe , and the no, 69 changed, all look like they have been dug up and all three from Btl 90

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    Oh? That's a bit odd; not that they all have the substitution- if they're real, they should- but that you've seen several, presumably recently? Soldiers were sent all over, and for several from the same IEB to be seen isn't common; there were a LOT of IEBs. It's not impossible, but it's odd- save if they're fakes, and then it's not surprising many show up.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    These 2 I've seen 18 months apart, like I say 1 in America and the other in Europe , owned by ( I hope ) very savvy collectors, as you can see one looks ground dug also, rgds
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Id tag   Id tag  

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