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ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

Article about: I am sorry - i should take a photo on white backgroud then ?

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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Quote by Matt L View Post
    That's one heck of a 'composite' disc- made using stamps from at least 3 different sets and perhaps more.

    Were you present when the disc was found or know the person who found it so well as to be 100% sure he's being truthful about digging it up? Because many of those letters and numbers are curious...
    Got to concur with Matt i've never seen one like this before any more info Lars ?
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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23


    Thanks for your help, no i dont have any more infos.
    Just that is was found at the Oraniumbaum front.

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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Yup, there's definitely a halo around the Sigrunen on the lower half and around the 'P'- probably on the rest as well, but the light hides it in this photo; that means it's an old disc blank with a patina on it, and more recent stamping has knocked that patina off. And unfortunately the 'G', 'R' and '2' and '3' look just like those on many fakes- here I've superimposed the same characters from a 100% fake SS disc and circled the 'halo':

    ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Sorry Lars, it's a fake.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Hello Matt.

    Sad to hear that it is a copy. At least i got one original Tag few days ago.

    And thanks for your great description about the tag.
    Good to know next time.

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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Yeah, it's unfortunate but absolutely it's good that you do at least have one good one

    I strongly recommend you ask for opinions first before buying an Erkennungsmarke- the vast majority of SS ones are fake, especially these non-German units.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: ID tag SS Norge Rgt. 23

    Yes sure, i still have no matter what my new original Norge tag

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