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Article about: Just found these in a box I picked up are they good or scrap

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    Default Id tags

    Just found these in a box I picked up are they good or scrap
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    Id tags  

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    I took a look at your erkennungsmarken and I like what I see. Four of the EKM are getting my thumbs up and are good.

    The SS EKM is one I have not seen before so I will leave that to one of our more knowlegable forum members. At least the wear to the holes and age look promising to me.

    You can use the Lexikon der Wehrmacht website to find the information about the units on the EKM.

    Regards, Rik

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    The SS emarke is not correctly stamped. It is attempting to be 1 Genesenden Kompanie SS Pioniere Ersatz Btl, not a unit I am familiar with. They have stamped "Cen" instead of "Gen", the correct abbreviation. The Flak Ersatz one I am not sure of either. The others look OK as far as I can tell.
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    I must agree with Blackcat regarding the Flak EKM. After another and better look at it on a computer I also have my doubts about it. It is the way it is stamped and the 3's are the exactly same.

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