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KL Dachau disc : fake?

Article about: Is this another K.L fake?..... ...not my purchase.

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    Default KL Dachau disc : fake?

    Is this another K.L fake?.....

    KL Dachau disc : fake?

    ...not my purchase.
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    Circuit advertisement KL Dachau disc : fake?
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    YES it is a copy!

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    Check this thread, there is one quarter of original somewhere SS Erkennungsmarken

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    the prisoners didn't have tags, and the guards did not want anyone to know

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    The concentration camp (KL) Dachau was established in March 1933 in Munich, this is well known.
    From October 1939 to February 1940 was erected on the site in Capping the SS Totenkopf Division. Therefor the KL was temporarily evacuated. A total of 200,000 people were detained throughout the period. The SS Totenkopf Sturmbann KL Dachau had a total of about 5,000 members. The brands of the security personnel are without the designation "SS T-Stuba" instead labeled only with the name of KL Dachau. It is in my opinion a distinction between two different character sets, sets of numbers and these were used at least two different brands blanks.

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    Quote by colt45 View Post
    the prisoners didn't have tags, and the guards did not want anyone to know
    The guards were members of the Waffen-SS and as such wore ID disks.

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    not all the guards were soldiers of the Waffen SS or the SS. They were partly foreign races, volunteers and about 20,000 soldiers of the Air Force and the Army were supplied to the guards over the years. Among the guards there were also about 4,000 women.
    A total of 1933 and 1945, 70,000 guards were used in the concentration camps between.

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