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Kommandantur ID

Article about: Hello gents, what do you think of this one? Thanks !!!!

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    Default Kommandantur ID

    Hello gents, what do you think of this one?

    Thanks !!!!

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    Well the markings are clearly hand-made so it's not something that can really be authenticated- but it's way too weird I think to be fake LOL There was a Feldkommandantur 752, but I'm not sure what the 'V' is for; there was a Feldkommandantur (V) 182, but it's not clear what the 'V' is there either- the unit was in Wehrkreis II, so that's not it...
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    "V" was just a part of the structure name. See this sentence in German: 1940/41 wurde der Eintrag in Feld-Kommandantur 752 V gešndert. (The unit name was changed to Feld-Kommmandantur 752 V in 1940/1941).
    Feldkommandantur 752 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

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    I have no clue on the hand made tags, but this one looks good to me. If it's a repro, it's a pretty good job!

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    I like this Disk, based on how it looks I would buy it. (disclaimer that does not mean it IS original but I believe it is)

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    So there you go- the marking is realistic, and it's not exactly a super-desirable or 'special' unit, so I'd think it unlikely anyone would bother faking it, let along faking it by hand-marking some pretty elaborately-shaped letters. Someone made 6 separate lines to form the 'R', for example, and they really went all-out on the '752'- that's taking care to make it look nice...
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