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LAH Dog Tag - Real ?

Article about: What can you tell me about this dog tag? I don't see any blood type. Can it be real? Thank you for your answers!

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    here you can see some original EKMs from the LAH...the Letters look fine - in my opinion...BUT i hab little Problems with the Numbers..i have never seen the "3" in that rounded Form

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    Matt, I mean that's maybe a good point that the experts didn't ask for more pictures of this one. Maybe they think it's a real one? I will post pictures as soon as possible. But as I can see from now, there's not any umlaut...

    Thank you Godzilla! Nice picture!

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    That's the way to look at it if you really want the disc to be real LOL But no, if they thought it was good, they'd have said so- saying nothing means they don't know either so it's of no help at all.

    No Umlaut is to me a fatal problem- it's not an unheard of issue, but SS stuff is faked so much that any such error has to be seen as very bad unless there's significant proof that it's not.

    And that picture from the book is soooo close to being useful; they just lack the one Kompanie we really need LOL It's interesting that the fonts are very similar in size and appearance- that this questionable 7. Kompanie one is so radically different is not a positive thing. And since there's such a huge difference, I'm at a complete loss to understand how the font of the 7. Kompanie disc can be said to be fine- it's nothing like the others...
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    When in doubt walk away Waban... better to keep your money for one you KNOW is real than risk getting burnt on one you WANT to be real.

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    Ok, so I will pass on it. I will have a LAH dog tag once!

    Thank you very much for your help guys! I really appreciate and will help me to make difference in the future.

    Godzilla, can you post again the picture with the 3 LAH dog tags please? I cannot find anymore.

    I post anyway some close-ups. As you can see, no umlaut...

    LAH Dog Tag - Real ?LAH Dog Tag - Real ?LAH Dog Tag - Real ?

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    Yeah, actually there is an Umlaut; the corrosion is over it on the picture where the text is the right way up, but the second photo, where it's inverted, you can see the left dot. The stamping of 'SS-VERFUGUNGSTRUPPE' looks a lot better up close too- I wasn't certain it was a single stamp from the first photo, but it certainly appears to be in the second.

    The corrosion does look realistic too- it certainly appears to be consistent on both sides, and there's no evidence I can see of it being an old blank disc with the SS-VT on one side. I can't say I've seen a fake that has 'age' like this- although I haven't seen every possible version of fake age LOL

    I don't have the same issue with the numbers either- there are hundreds and hundreds of different fonts on Erkennungsmarken and no 'standard' to judge by; we can truly only recognize bad ones because they're usually used over and over, whereas virtually every Kompanie in the German military had at least slightly different stamps. Just because one's never been seen doesn't mean anything- it can't even necessarily be said to be wrong if a provably authentic disc from the same Kompanie is presented as it does seem that sometimes units changed stamps over time.

    Unfortunately, none of this really helps in a concrete way- it just puts the disc back into the tantalizingly possible range, but there's no real answer. The plus is that there no longer appears to be anything obviously wrong with it; the negative is that it just can't be said for certain that it's good.
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    Haha, so it seems to be good but we are not sure... At least there's is nothing looking truly wrong.

    Anyway, I will pass until to get more informations.

    But it's very good to learn about Erkennungsmarken!

    Thank you very very much for your help!!!

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    Yeah, it's unfortunate that proving something is real is sometimes quite hard. Often we can only say something appears to be real. But on the other hand, it's very lucky- if virtually every Kompanie didn't have unique stamps, which is what makes 100% authentication difficult, we wouldn't be able to recognize fakes by the repeated use of the same stamp sets.

    That LAH is tempting, but I'd pass too- things are only ever worth the risk if they cost less than you'd be willing to lose if they turn out to be fake in the future. I doubt this one is cheap. And ultimately there will be others- it's not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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    It costs around 350 EUR, that's why I wanted to be sure. But as you said "it's not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" !

    Many thanks for your help! I really appreciate.

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    WOW- yeah, for that kind of money I'd want to be very, very sure LOL And sure thing, I'm always glad to help.
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