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LAH Dog Tag - Real ?

Article about: What can you tell me about this dog tag? I don't see any blood type. Can it be real? Thank you for your answers!

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    That's about what I think I paid for my 6/E.LAH so yes, you want to be sure before you hand over that kind of cash.

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    Circuit advertisement LAH Dog Tag - Real ?
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    For next visitors of this threads, this dog tag finally appears to be fake!

    Maybe it can help someone to authenticate another one.
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    Hello everybody,

    Rather than starting a new thread, I stick another "6th Company" tag for opinions here : not very realistic, because the "SS-VT" stamp on the other side seems to be really f@#*ed-up (not very well done). Odds are thin I suppose…

    LAH Dog Tag - Real ?

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    Hi Gazal,

    Well it's certainly different than the other one although the very curled top of the '6' is quite similar, and overall the fonts are close, but not the same. The roll number is in a different position too- both of which could be explained by some change since there's a large difference in the roll numbers, but I'm dubious. Looking at the form of the '6' (9 is the same stamp reversed), and the '5', neither is very well-made; there's a flaw in the '6', and the round part of the '5' isn't very nicely rounded. Real German stamps are usually better made than this; they look more to me like someone trying to make a replica and not doing a great job of it.

    I can't say I've ever seen a double-strike of the long SS-Verfügungstruppe stamp either, although it's not necessarily impossible I guess; I can't tell if there's an Umlaut in the first 'u' either.

    It's not a disc I look at and say right away it looks pretty good- it's one that my immediate reaction to is that there are elements like the 'u' I'd want to see much better, and overall I'd probably want some clear proof it's real before accepting it as such.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Thanks Matt,
    This is more or less what I thought, but better said.
    I find it strange too that the roll number is the same font as the "6" of "6 Ersatz".
    Thanks again for having taken the time to look.

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    Sure thing Gazal

    The 6 being the same isn't really odd though- discs that are all individual stamps could be all 'filled out' at the same time so the roll and Kompanie numbers would typically look the same. I have the impression it's rather less common that the Kompanie number and roll number are different fonts. One could envision a process whereby one person stamped the unit text line and someone else added numbers. But numbers being the same or different is more 'realistic', and a disc being one way or the other is only really of concern if a known example is different than one being examined.

    It's the blood group letter that is usually different than the unit text since that's only added when the disc has been issued and usually by someone different than whomever actually made the disc (because the stamp is different and often rather differently-struck - deeper, or angled, etc.). If a blood group letter is the same as the unit text, that's a huge red flag and suggests a disc is fake.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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