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Luftwaffe Erkennungsmarken

Article about: Hi, Could you please tell me if this is a genuine item? Thank you for looking. Tom

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    Default Luftwaffe Erkennungsmarken

    Hi, Could you please tell me if this is a genuine item? Thank you for looking.
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    I've tried to research this unit in the Lexicon, but don't really understand what I'm looking for.

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    Hi Tom,

    Well firstly it's not a Luftwaffe disc, it'd be a regular army since the unit is supposed to be Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 239- however I'm afraid I'm doubtful it's real anyway. Sans-serif text is rare on real discs, and common on fakes (this one is virtually identical to ones known as fake) plus it's a very desirable, rare unit type and worse still a field unit not a replacement unit- all of which really do beg one to be extremely dubious of its authenticity. Even more of a problem is that it's a very late-war unit that only existed with this title for less than 4 months- Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 239 was redesignated Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 239 on 14.2.1944 and then further to Heeres-Sturmartillerie-Brigade 239 in 10.6.1944- so the only discs it might ever have issued would be replacements for lost ones, and there's little chance 28 men of a single Batterie lost their discs in the field; for that reason, if there's a blood group letter on it then it's even more likely a fake. If it doesn't there's the possibility it was stock, but it's hard to believe the unit bothered to make up extra discs with the new name. Regrettibly, ground dug stuff is faked a great deal- it helps hide the 'newness' and most people figure with enough corrosion on, something must be real- and desirable units, which fakes virtually always are, make up for condition issues reasonably well.
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    Thank you very much Matt. Would explain why I was getting nowhere.

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    You bet- sorry it's not real.
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