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Luftwaffe tag?

Article about: No, I wasn't able to find any reasonable 'translation' of that abbreviation; the unit listing is very short and simply mentions 4 Batterien and that's it. And it's K. A. ST. , not K. A. S. T

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    Default Luftwaffe tag?

    Hi guys
    Im sitting here looking through some dog tags I found on a capitulation site and started wondering about one of them,,I tried finding some info about it with no Luck so I hope someone here could help me

    Luftwaffe tag?

    4. FL.AUS B. RGT 12.

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    Maybe this helps

    Lexikon der Wehrmacht

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    Translated info on the Flieger Ausbildungs Regiments from Lexikon Der Wehrmacht

    The Aviator training regiments were the first station of a soldier who was in the Air Force.

    Here were operated:
    In the training battalion of the regiment:
    - Basic training and infantry-Gundausbildung
    - Sighting the soldiers for further use
    - Backup tasks at the site

    This training differed only in the extent of the infantry of the army, that was screened in the training battalion already for the regiment belonging to aircraft Leader school. (technical understanding, etc.)

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    See Flieger-Ausbildungs-Regiment 12 for some information regarding the unit.

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    Thanks guys,most helpfull When I tried searching it on LdW I didnt get any of those hits

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    Here is some more information about one officer who served in this unit:

    (From )

    BENNEMANN, Hans. (DOB: 30.06.21 or 30.08.21 in/Unna-Massen). (R, DKG). 15.11.39 joined the
    Luftwaffe and began training with Fl.Ausb.Rgt. 12. 01.40 trf to FFS A/B 12, then to FFS C 1, then BFS
    Lechfeld., then Grosse KFS 4. 1941 trf to 10./KG 55 (to 12.41). 25.12.41 with KGr.z.b.V. 111 (to
    22.03.42). 04.42 rejoined IV./KG 55. 05.42 trf to 7./KG 55. 13.09.42 Lt., awarded Ehrenpokal. 12.42
    flew supply missions into the Stalingrad pocket. 26.02.43 Lt., awarded DKG, 7./KG 55. 01.06.43 in KG
    55; promo to Oblt. 16.06.43 Oblt., Stafü in III./KG 55, attended Verbandsführerschule/KG 101. End of
    1943 trf to IV./KG 55. 26.03.44 Oblt., awarded Ritterkreuz, Staka 5./KG 55. 01.04.44 Oblt., appt Staka
    of 13./KG 55. 07.06.44 Oblt., appt Staka 11./KG 55 (to 05.01.45). 05.01.45 Oblt., appt Staka 5./KG (J)
    55 (to 08.05.45). Credited with 398 combat missions over the course of the war. 30.09.78 retired from
    the Bundeswehr as an Obstlt. †07.04.93 in Mechernich/Rheinland. Credited with far in excess of 400
    missions, almost all bomber missions.

    And from the same source, one of the unit commanders:

    FLEISCHHAUER, Hans. 1936 Maj., appt Staka 9.(Kampf)/Lehrgeschwader Greifwald (to 31.03.37).
    00.40 Obstlt., appt Kdr. II./Grosse KFS 2 (to 28.03.41). 01.04.41 promo to Oberst. 18.06.41 Oberst, appt
    Kdr. Fl.Ausb.Rgt. 12 (to 10.42). 04.02.43 trf from Feld-Ers.Btl. d.Lw. 1 to Führerreserve Ob.d.L. and
    ordered to RLM (L.In.Pers.) for temporary duty. 01.05.43 in Führerreserve Ob.d.L., trf to RLM (General
    für den Personaleinsatz d.Lw.). 09.08.44 Oberst, appt provisional Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o) 13/VI, Münster-
    Loddenheide then Eschwege. 01.11.44 appt permanent Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. A(o) 13/VI, Eschwege.
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    Thanks a lot Roger.
    I dont understand it,,I try to use the search function on LdW but when I click on a link in the results,any link, I get a broken page report,,grrr..
    So I put three more tags up here,all found together with the previous one..

    Luftwaffe tag?

    A 826 4/Ers. Abt./R.G.G

    Luftwaffe tag?

    0 499 K.A.S.T. Flak.Ers.Abt.36

    Luftwaffe tag?

    608 (mot)18 / Norw.

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    Very nice inka- must have been a lot of Luftwaffe personnel at that particular site. The first of this second batch is from Ersatz-Abteilung Regiment General Göring, then there's Flak-Ersatz-Abteilung 36 and Luftnachrichten Funk Ersatz Kompanie (mot.) 18 (18. Feld-Division?)
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Thanks Matt Yes it was alot of Luftwaffe in Norway

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    Do you know what the K.A.S.T on the Flak.Ers.Abt.36 disc means??

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