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Need help real or fake discs?

Article about: thanks matt

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    Default Need help real or fake discs?

    Hi all, Im still trying to purchase my first id tag, I came across these 2 and since Im new to the hobby I wanted to run them by you before I purchase them, so do they look good???
    Need help real or fake discs?Need help real or fake discs?

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    Are these both from the same seller?

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    No two different sellers

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    OK, I was just commenting as both discs have pencil lines drawn for ease of stamping, to me this isn't so common as more often i've seen a light scratch line drawn for that purpose. Matt L is the resident expert here so hopefully he'll be along shortly to comment.

    Anyway, of the two I like the Artillery tag the most, i'm sure it is legit, the letters are a more period serif font, the wear and corrossion look convincing and there is nothing I see to indicate a forgery.

    The Grenadier disc i'm not so sure about. While not a red flag in and of itself, sans serif fonts always make me look twice and from this angle the 'R' looks like the same font as the R on this fake infantry regiment disc I have on file.

    Need help real or fake discs?

    If it were me, i'd be leaving the GR disc behind and going for the Artillery, assuming the price is right of course.

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    Glenn's right about the Artillerie disc being fine- it's just in rotten condition; cracked all the way through really kills its value. If you can get it for really cheap, and you want to start collecting discs, then cool, but I wouldn't pay much and it's no good if you just want an example for your collection at large. I agree about the Grenadier disc too- it's not clearly bad, but it's odd; primarily it's the very similar to known bad fonts lettering, and moreover at the time the term 'Grenadier' came into use, every German soldier came from an Ersatz unit, so very, very few might ever have a disc from a proper Grendier field Regiment; discs like that would usually only be issued as replacements for soldiers who lost or otherwise no longer had their original disc (from the Ersatz unit)- and for this to be the 34th disc from just the 2. Kompanie means its unissued stock or a fake because it's hard to believe so many replacement discs were needed in such a small group. It's rare that regular Grenadier-Regiment discs are faked because they're not worth much really- maybe $20 or $25, but then fakes cost little to make so there's still profit to be had. Glenn shows a perfect example of one of the uncommon fakes of this type. Personally, I'd say pass.
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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    thanks for all the info and help, the artillerie disc comes from a more reputable dealer then the GR disc, as for the pricing, 25 to 30 dollars ok for something in this condition? decent or interesting ones seem hard to come by. not sure what the price range is.

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    No way- that's decent pricing for a common type unit disc that's in decent shape, but not for one broken so badly. Even if it were broken along the slit line and was just a top and bottom half, that'd be less of a problem but this one's in bad shape. It's not terribly interesting- it is a pre- or early-war Artillerie field unit, and the marking is nice, but that doesn't make up for the damage at all, I think. The only time a disc broken like that is worth buying is if it's really rare and you might never find a nice one LOL
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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    and the hunt continues.......

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    How does this one look????? real??
    Need help real or fake discs?

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    Default Re: Need help real or fake discs?

    Sure, that one's fine.
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