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New member - Need some opinion - SS Sniper?

Article about: Hello! I bought this erkennungsmarke but i dont have nothing to compare. I apreciate some opinions about it because i dont have so much experience in erkennungsmarken, specially in sniper. T

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    For months I search for a comparison of the erkennungsmarke but it is not yet possible to find one.

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    I have one doubt and maybe someone can help me. If i find a different letter in my dogtag, in this case a larger "R", in relation to the original one, what it means? It is a sign of a fake or is possible to find different letters in same original dogtags ( from same unit). Thank you to all the people that gave me their opinion about this EKM.

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    Okay , men were not recruited directly into Sniper units , they would enlist or be conscripted into A u E units or direct to a unit so why would a new EKM then be issued when they were selected for and sent for sniper training , surely they would keep their original tag ?
    I am still not convinced I'm afraid. There is nothing on the original ekm that denotes the owner was an instructor. Below is two pages from an SS Soldbuch that belonged to a sniper. Note his EKM on page one. His later placement to the Sniper school on page 4. For me the jury is still out on this one.

    Page One with EKM number, no sign it was exchanged when he joined sniper school.
    New member - Need some opinion - SS Sniper?

    Page 4, the Sniper school entry.
    New member - Need some opinion - SS Sniper?

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    Ekennungsmarkes were designated by unit not by task. There would never be a "sniper" designation on the tag. The tag would be for the unit that the sniper was a part of and the normal Landsers would have the same tag designation as the specialists. It would be like finding a tag that said "Flammenwerfer" instead of "Pionier"

    That said I would like to welcome you to the forum, and please understand we are all here to learn. The opinions expressed here can be changed if proof can be found, but in this case I think it unlikely.

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    Course personal have kept their first dog tags. I think the regular solduers at the sniper school got the special dog tag. Back in the Stammunit, snipers like to keep the information secret, when they captured by the enemy there will be badly pained. I know a german book about that storys.

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    That´s an amazing soldbuch. Just an question about that.

    I have a sniper wehrpass. He was a landser in west, made the scharfschutzenlehrgang of 3-4 weeks, not the ordinary formation with zielfernrohrgewehr…(was sniper not a marskman) and was sent to east, where he die. My doubt. He changed unit and was put in another one with a new EKM (for sure). I dont have so much experience with soldbuchs, so anyone saw 2 diferente EKM numbers in page 1 of a soldbuch? iIn situatons where we know they changed unit and received 100% sure another one?

    Sniper "schools" had in most cases the size of companies, they were with some exceptions, instruction companies inside bigger units that support logistics, security, all the daily tasks for a unit. Most of the the people that receive an EKM for a sniper instruction school were from staff of that school, because this units were small with specialists, instructors (old snipers) and specialist in sniper equipment. I doubt we can find some some drivers or kitchen personel with this dogtags but...all is possible because we dont have so much information and talk without documents…

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