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Pol. Sch. R. 1 Id tag

Article about: Wondering if someone could chime in on this one --- the disc says Pol. Sch. R. 1 which I'm guessing translates to Polizei-Schützen-Regiment 1. The only info I could find right now was that t

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    Thank you! Appears to be from the same source that I used, only I referred to the organization as it was in early 1943. I was more thinking that you had found the organization of Polizei Schutzen Regiment 1 before it came under the SS --- I can certainly see there's no 14th Company listed for SS Polizei Schutzen Regiment 1 but I guess that doesn't mean there couldn't have been one under the earlier pre- SS organization. Or?

    Just to clarify: I really have no problem if it was a fake either way... it's just that this was a €10 disk sold as a Polizei example among a whole bunch of other good ones and as long as it doesn't have any problems as to construction or font etc., as we seem to have determined, I can't really see why a faker would create such a fake without the SS runes. I would at least have added them for good measure and 10x the cash... I appreciate all of your help, don't get me wrong --- I just think that there's a lot that speaks positively for the authenticity of the disk here as well.

    add: I see now that you're saying that the posted 1942 organization was actually the 1940-42 organization... interesting. Is this stated/implied in this source as well?

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    sorry I was being too lazy before and not checking my books only Google, according to Nafzier's book Waffen SS and other units in World War II the organization in 1939 DID contain a 13th and 14th company. So your original assertion was correct and I was mistaken. That is a correctly marked disk.


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    Nothing to be sorry about my friend, you've certainly been a great help! Either way, this little back and forth just now resulted in you confirming the validity of the marking and the existence of a 14th kompanie --- nice!

    So, it would seem this is the earliest type disk for this unit, and it seems to have gone through most the entirety of the war until possibly late '44 - early '45 when it was lost/thrown out somewhere on the Slovenian -Austrian border (which is where it was found). I'm guessing this would be a KIA, not 100% but naturally likely due to it being a half tag ---

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