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Polizei Bataillon 104 erkennungsmarke -

Article about: What do you all think of this variation --- seems there's a few with relatively close numbers out there and they appear, judging by the corrosion, to be from the same site. Thoughts?

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    Default Polizei Bataillon 104 erkennungsmarke -

    What do you all think of this variation --- seems there's a few with relatively close numbers out there and they appear, judging by the corrosion, to be from the same site (and source). Thoughts?

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    Any input welcomed --- I tend to lean towards good but I admit I'm not familiar with this particular font at all...

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    They look good to me!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Thanks for the input, Gunny! I agree, there's nothing that really sticks out as wrong, per se, to my eyes either... still open to more thoughts as I am not familiar with this type at all (other polizei tags, yes... to some extent, but not Pol. Bat. tags).

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    No one? Well, it wasn't a high cost item at all so I got it as I didn't really see anything wrong with it--- might post better photos when I get it if there's any interest.

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    A bit late here but the '0' in the 106 and 304 tags appear scarily close to what our ex-ID tag expert Matt L would refer to as the 'racetrack 0'. Added to that the sans-serif font would have me warning off these examples. Hope I'm wrong but there you go.

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    I found an almost identical erkennungsmarke on a Dutch site. Also from 1./ POL BTL 104. It has same 'O' in POL, but the roll number is 326. And the corrosion is almost the same. Could be a coincidence though. My knowledge about erkennungsmarke isn't that great yet, but I wanted to let you know there is another one out there wich looks alot like yours. Sorry, but no photo. The dutch site doesn't alow you to save or copy a photo from the site.

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    I don't like this tags!
    The blank, the letters, I like that everything is not really.
    I would not take this mark in my collection.
    Police have typically used their own blanks.

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    Thank you all for the input! Not sure about the "O" in particular, I seems to see it on other original tags as well --- but, I agree... to me the most suspicious part is the font as a whole... certainly unusual. It didn't cost much either way but would be a bummer if proven fake.

    What do you mean by that you don't even like the type of blank disc, meskalin? Any particular features that do not fit with other known Polizei tags? To me it kind of looks like the type used for my Gotenhafen Gendarmerie tag, my eyes aren't trained enough to spot any particular differences anyway... would be interesting if you could elaborate a bit.

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    Here's another one from a different Dutch seller, found and shared with me by member Dschop --- thanks again for providing the link! This police battalion was apparently active on both the eastern front and in the Netherlands. At the very least there's a Dutch "connection" there between the sellers and tags -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hddh.JPG 
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ID:	980807

    Police Battalion 104
    Formed in July 1942.
    Battalion raised from Hamburg Pol Reg 12
    Sent to Holland 1942-1944

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